Keizer Yachts 42


Keizer YachtsThe Keizer 42 is the result of the dream of two passionate water sports lovers. Thanks to their international experience in the yachting world, we are fully aware of what can be purchased, but also what can be improved in the various existing models. That’s why we took a different approach and made our dream come true: developing a great looking and practical runabout. There is not a single yacht that comes even close to the Keizer 42 with this mix of dimensions, inside space, practical convenience and price.


Wherever you want to go, the Keizer 42 makes having more fun a reality. The Keizer 42 combines beauty, style, comfort, great seakeeping and large interior spaces. Combine that with top quality and great value for money and we dare to say: she is beyond compromise.


The Keizer 42 has an impressive look. A look that makes you fall in love from the very first sight. Our design team at Vripack Naval Architects did a great job translating our ideas into a new, beautiful runabout. Although she has a high-volume interior, we did not compromise on the looks. She is bound to turn heads wherever she goes!

Not just a pretty face – It’s not only beauty, form follows function. The Keizer 42 is a sports boat with great functionality. We dare to say that she is the best in class.The interior space for a runabout is generally limited but not in the Keizer 42.

The largest open cockpit – The Keizer 42 was designed with a large, open living space and the yacht has the largest open cockpit of its market segment. The floor deck was created ergonomically and completely level. From the practical outdoor kitchen equipped with an electrical stove to the fully outfitted cockpit with its navigation equipment and instruments.

Wellness on the water- If you go below the deck, you have the feeling of entering a hotel suite. The master bedroom is fitted with two stylish sofas and a king size bed. The full equipped “head” does not know what “concessions” are. As is the case in the master bedroom, the standing height here is also 1.90 m.

Freedom with finesse- The Keizer 42 incorporates a full interior allowing you to stay on board for days or even weeks, together with family and friends. The interior, with a headroom of 1.90 m, offers room for 4 beds and a complete bathroom with separate shower compartment. The Keizer 42 with provide you and your guest with a great and comfortable stay on board – in all circumstances.


Exceptional handling and fuel economy- Because of the hull design the Keizer 42 offers a very stable and dry ride. Getting on to the plane is extremely smooth with no use of trim tabs needed and cornering at high speeds is a joy to experience. Increasing the speed from 8 knots to 13/14 knots is without the traditional digging in at the stern. Because of this all round visibility is excellent at all speeds. The Keizer 42 offers you a soft riding hull with a performance to match. Easily doing anything between 16 and 25 knots in choppy sea conditions still offering comfort onboard or cruising flat out at 40 knots if desired. Compared to similar sized boats with similar engines consumption can be up to 50 % less. Between 16 and 25 knots the range is always a very impressive 400 miles plus.


Where motion is emotion- The Keizer 42 is inspired by the traditional runabout, but then with a modern driveline in the vessel’s stern. You have the choice of three Volvo Penta diesel options: the D4 (2x 300 HP), the D6 (2x 370 HP) or the D6 (2x 400 HP). Depending on the choice of engine, the Keizer 42 can achieve a top speed of 40 knots (75 km/h).

Whatever engine you prefer, they all have one thing in common: they are manufactured by the undisputed leader in marine innovation: Volvo Penta. The engines are robust, immensely strong for minimal vibrations and have a long service life. And last but not least, they comply with the most stringent environmental demands.


Create your masterpiece- The way you enjoy life, the way you travel, the way you designed your house… your life is unique in every aspect. So why not express your personal style in your Keizer 42. At Keizer, we offer a wide range of styling possibilities for the customer, fine and soft leather from the world’s best tanneries, unique and professional paint finishes, high quality teak in both the cockpit and on deck, advanced systems for navigation, audio, and communication.

Keizer Yachts 42 Specifications

  • Length over all 44 ft (hull length: 42.6 ft)
  • Length waterline 36.9 ft
  • Beam 13.1 ft
  • Weight 25.350 lb approx with full load
  • Exterior Design Naval Architects / Vripack
  • Interior Design Naval Architects / Vripack
  • Builder Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH
  • Class notation CE-B
  • Flag stage European Union
  • No of passengers 12 persons max
  • Maximum speed 40 knots (approx. depending on engine choice)
  • Cruising speed 32 knots (approx. depending on engine choice)
  • Range 400 miles (approx. depending on engince choice)
  • Fuel capacity 317 gallon
  • Water 66 gallon
  • Black water 31.7 gallon
  • Hull materials GRP vacuum injection
  • Structure materials GRP vacuum injection
  • Hull form Deep-V, deadrise 16.5 degrees
  • Engine Volvo Penta 2x D4-300 EVC (2x 300 pk)
    Volvo Penta 2x D6-370 EVC (2x 370 pk)
    Volvo Penta 2x D6-400 EVC (2x 400 pk)
  • Driveline Stern drives

Keizer Yachts 42: Review by PropTalk

Keizer Yachts 42: Review

The first time I saw the Keizer 42 moored to the dock at Chesapeake Yacht Center, my first reaction was “She’s Big!” The 42 is a modern design that captures the spirit of the big 30- and 35-foot classic runabouts built in the heyday of the wooden motorboat era. This boat is not for everyone, but if you want a good looking day boat for enjoying time on the water, the 42 is for you.