• Keizer Yachts 42“I love the personal service and incredible responsiveness that I have received from CYC both in the buying experience and in the excellent and expert service over the last 5 years.”

    Ron S.

  • “We talked to a lot of boat dealers before finding Josh and Ryan and Brad at CYC. CYC has been consistently super-helpful in converting sort of boaters into real boaters. They made a lot of promises and they have come through on all such promises over almost two years now. It has been a pleasure to work with them, and many others at CYC, such as Tom and Justin. They are all experts — good at solving and avoiding problems. We feel lucky to be working with them. They also have great products. I can’t imagine a better group to make boating fun and relaxing.”

    Robert C.

  • HCB Yachts Sueños

    “Last year, I used CYC to simultaneously sell my old boat and to help with the purchase of a new one. Both transactions went through very smoothly, and the CYC team kept me informed and represented my best interests throughout the entire process. Both deals— each complex in their own right— went through smoothly. In addition, with the help of the CYC team, I did better in both the sale and the purchase than I would have done on my own. I recommend CYC fully and without reservation for any transaction.”

    Tim A.

  • “The service you get on a boat can make or break your owning experience. I have boats for the last 11 years, so I can really appreciate the unparalleled level of service I’ve gotten form CYC since I purchased my Prestige 560 Fly. When you can get the head mechanic on his cell phone late night on a weekend, when you’re stuck somewhere in a storm and something isn’t working right, it makes all the difference in the world. Short of having my own live aboard captain to look after a boat, I can’t imagine owning a boat from any other company.”

    A. Rubin

  • “I have been a boater and boat owner almost all of my adult life. When I first saw the Prestige 550 at the Annapolis boat show, I was incredibly impressed but never thought that I would buy one. My wife fell in love with the entertaining spaces and private accommodations; I was wowed by the engineering and technology. So we later decided to look at one that was available at CYC. Brad Heil spent the better part of the day with us doing a detailed inspection of the boat. No pressure, just a very knowledgeable and nice guy. Brad was a pleasure to deal with. But alas, we could not make a deal work financially. But the CYC team went to work with the factory and lenders until an arrangement could be made that satisfied my requirements, including a very attractive trade on my existing older yacht. Since the purchase, CYC has not disappointed us once. The boat has performed flawlessly and up to spec. All service has been prompt and professional; the CYC team spent hours with me on technology training. I couldn’t be happier with this experience. I would not go anywhere else if you are considering investing in a new Prestige.”

    Lawrence M.

  • “Pursuing the boating lifestyle came a little later to us than most people. We never owned a boat of any size before and had no experience other than day boating with friends. The folks at Chesapeake Yacht Center, Brad, Josh, Ryan and Tom made us feel very comfortable about purchasing a boat and were more than helpful through the entire process. In addition to getting us into a beautiful Prestige 420S appropriate for our needs and experience, they guided us through the purchase and ownership process, and made us feel as valued members of the Chesapeake Yacht Center family. They patiently answered all of our novice boater questions prior to and after the purchase, as well as all the questions that came up after taking possession. They have also been responsive and thorough regarding service related issues. Clearly they are committed to providing the customer with an exceptional experience and maintaining a relationship after the sale that enhances the boating experience. The thorough training provided by Captains Brad and Tom was phenomenal. They were extremely patient with us and our many questions. We certainly appreciate their knowledge about the Prestige brand and the operational expertise they demonstrated.”

    Robert F.