HCB has been evolving for over 40 years because we are always looking towards the horizon. Our evolution has been rooted in a deep respect for the painstaking craftsmanship that remains the core of our products today, but also in continually fine-tuning our product mission. We make the world’s largest center consoles to be luxurious, refined, and athletic; with unsurpassed fishability and yacht-like amenities.

Because of this we have found ourselves in a class alone, a class that defies conventional descriptions in the marine industry. Bringing definition to what we do, we have developed a new classification – Center Console Yachts.

Each HCB Center Console Yacht is as unique as its discerning owner. The process begins with our renowned Crucero Experience™ where you are treated to a unique build journey assisted by our HCB design team. With a wide range of customization options, clients may choose from a variety of color combinations and layouts. Every HCB from the Speciale to the Sueños can be tailored to specific preferences to make your dream center console yacht.

Everyone who has taken the wheel of their HCB center console yacht has the same exact reaction: a surge of powerful emotions, a sense of pride as they admire their new custom HCB and a rush of adrenaline as they throttle into the open sea.

This is what separates us from the rest. This is the HCB Experience.

Mega Center Console Yacht